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Winter Wonderland
Jan 19, 2022

A snow-carpeted landscape… children definitely love it, and maybe you do too. The peacefulness of falling snowflakes, the streetlamps reflecting off the glittering snow, dogs and kids joyfully bounding through the cotton-like accumulation. There’s much to love in the first hours after the gentle accumulation has settled on the ground – sledding down the neighborhood hill, admiring the heaving branches, constructing a funny-looking snowman or tossing a few balls at unsuspecting targets.

But maybe you don’t quite love so much what happens after. The snow begins to melt, soaking into the ground and turning it into a muddy mess. If the residents of your home are not extra careful, they’ll be tracking this brown soup right into the house! Pets that are accustomed to jumping right onto the sofa are going to leave some unsightly paw prints behind, and any carpeting you might have is going to suck moist dirt particles right up. If you think just scraping your boots against the doorway mat is going to do the trick, do I have a bridge to sell you!

In the Kansas City area snowfall is not as common as in more mountainous areas or the states further north, but it also means that frequently there’s no extra ‘mud room’ to transition between the snowy outdoors and your pristine indoors. And one of life’s rules is that whatever us outside somehow always finds a way to get inside (ok, maybe not bears, not usually anyway!) – and that last snowfall we had was pretty impressive.

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