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Thanksgiving Brings Family… and Messes!
Nov 18, 2021

No holiday in the United States is more synonymous with family than Thanksgiving. The sense of warmth created by a cozy home filled with the scents of fall and a slowly roasting turkey are sure to bring folks together no matter their different paths in life.

But maybe cousin Steve has had one beer too many and keeps spilling gravy onto your fabric-covered chairs. And your niece Lucy is running after the dogs with cranberry sauce on her hands and leaving a print on every wall she encounters along the way. Maybe it rained and every single one of your friends and relatives tracked muddy shoes all over your house. And we don’t want to go into too much detail about the impact of a large number of people using your guest bathroom.

There’s no question that the good far outweighs the bad during your holiday gathering. But the bad can be really bad, like an oven that has become so grimy that just the thought of scrubbing it starts giving you phantom back pain. And we all love the amount of side dishes that complement the turkey, but that means they are all probably set on your counters so everyone can dish them onto their plates, which means that at least 5% of the food will land on the floor or on your nice marble surfaces.

You’ve worked hard cooking all day, maybe also playing gracious host and making sure that all your guests have a memorable experience. Why don’t you let someone else take care of the aftermath? Sparkle Cleaning Services would love to come in and take care of the mess while you enjoy a well-deserved break. 

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