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Sensible Summer Cleaning Tips
Jun 30, 2022

Summer – what a wonderful time to gather and partake in fun outdoor activities, whether hiking, swimming or just strolling in your local park. But some days it’s just too hot to do anything outside, and you’ll likely be spending some time indoors under a cooling fan or basking in your air conditioning. So make sure your house is as ready and comfortable for the warm months with the following summer cleaning tips:

Make your porch livable

Got a furnished screened or open porch? Chances are you’ll be wanting to spend a lot more time in that inviting space during the summer. To make it livable, you’ll want to get rid of all the outside stuff that got in, from leaves, yard refuse, muddy footprints and spiderwebs, to name a few. A good broom will be your friend here!

Clean your fan blades

You’re probably going to be using your fans much more at this time of year, and you wouldn’t believe how much dust, grime and pollen gets stuck up on the blades and then gets circulated all over the room while they spin. Stand carefully on a stepstool or ladder and wipe gently with a moist surface that picks up the dirt so you’re not simply pushing it off onto the floor or furniture below.

Keep an eye on bathroom mold

If the weather is humid, the additional moisture from showers can invite mold and mildew into your personal sanctuary. Make sure that wet towels are hung out so that air can circulate and prevent them from getting funky. For cleaning, almost any product and sponge type you prefer will do the trick as long as you maintain a regular cleaning schedule. If things get away from you, a professional cleaning crew may be what you need.


Whether you do it yourself or bring someone in to do your cleaning work, we hope that you stay healthy and enjoy this summer season with family and friends.

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