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Cleaning Tips for Your Halloween Mess
Oct 28, 2021

Halloween can be a lot of fun for both kids and adults alike, but it can also end up leaving your home, shop or office in a state of disarray. Stray cobweb décor, seemingly impossible to collect glitter, candy wrappers under the sofa and more can end up becoming quite the headache.

As is often the case, having the right tools for the job will make clean-up much quicker! Below are some suggestions on how to clean some of the more challenging leftovers.


Glitter is like that really fun friend that comes over for a party, but when it’s time to go home they continue to hang around until they become annoying! Start by vacuuming up as much as you can, but it’s unlikely you’ll get it all. Here’s the secret to catch those leftover sparkly nuisances: use something with an adhesive surface, such as wide masking or painter’s tape, or even better yet, a lint roller.


If you have kids that go trick-or-treating, or if you indulge in some seasonal sweets yourself, you could end up with one or more intractable stains on your furniture or carpeting. Your first go-to is dabbing with a little bit of dish soap diluted in a cup of warm water. If that doesn’t work, try a mix of white vinegar (1/3) and warm water (2/3).


Did you and your family dress up like scary monsters or like this year’s funniest meme? Either way, you probably used some or a lot of makeup, which can get all over your surfaces, including towels and sheets. Dish soap will likely do the trick, but if not, try dabbing rubbing alcohol onto the stain. It may take some time to work, though, so be patient!

It’s possible that all of the activity of Halloween – making costumes, decorating, chaperoning trick-or-treaters – has left you too exhausted to truly clean your home. In that case, booking the services of a trusted professional cleaning service like Sparkle Cleaning Services is your best bet. Let us take over while you relax, and a short time later you’ll find your home, shop or office gleaming from top to bottom! You’ll have all of the wonderful memories of Halloween but none of the mess.

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