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Cleaning your Grill Effectively
Aug 30, 2022

The kids may be back at school and the days getting a bit shorter, but with summer typically running straight through September, there’s still plenty of time to indulge in outdoor activities – including grilling. Many of us enjoy the joy of a sizzling steak or freshly cut vegetables releasing scrumptious aromas into the air. What most of us probably don’t enjoy is the subsequent cleanup.

Cleaning the outside of your grill is pretty straightforward – simply wipe it down with soapy water. But depending on how frequently you clean the inside, you might find quite a challenge, especially if grease and burnt food remnants have accumulated over time. If you have a sink or other container large enough to accommodate your grill grates, you might find it easier to let them soak in soapy water for a few hours to loosed up the gunk.

You should probably have a steel or hard-bristled brush dedicated to cleaning the grill’s interior and grates, as it will end up getting pretty beat up over time. Depending on whether you’ve pre-soaked or not, you’ll have to apply some elbow grease as well as soapy water to get off the encrusted remnants. Do the same to any areas inside the grill that have build-up, but be careful to not damage any heating elements (if you have a gas grill). Sometimes the first go-around doesn’t get everything off, so soak again if you’d like to make it easier. Remember, if you clean the grill after each use it will be much easier than if you wait to do it after weeks or months of use!

Got some rust on the grates? No problem – soak them in a 2-to-1 solution of white vinegar and water, leave it overnight, and the next day you should just be able to wipe off the rust with paper towels. You could also try commercial rust removing cleaners if soaking in vinegar is impractical.

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